Welcoming Ms. Barajas to the ExCEL Program

Samantha Fitzjarrald


Ms. Barajas, New Magnet Secretary

We are excited to announce that we have a new team member joining the ExCEL magnet. Ms. Barajas started this week and is taking over the secretary position previously held by Ms. Caulfield. She is working on being acclimated and is extremely excited to begin working with everyone. She can be contacted via email at BarajasK@pcsb.org or with the ExCEL line at 727-588-4622. Please continue to send all attendance matters to Ms. Laggner, the attendance clerk, as we do not want to overwhelm Ms. Barajas.

Ms. Barajas has 3 amazing children (ages 28, 21, and 15), including one scholar who is currently in our program.  She enjoys going to the beach, travelling to the springs, gardening, and travelling in general.

Ms. Barajas took this job because she truly loves being around children. She even says her favorite age is middle school children. Her positive attitude and love towards the children is one of the reasons why we wanted her to join our program.

We are so excited for this new start and how Ms. Barajas will continue to help our program thrive. If you are at the school, stop by and tell her hi in room 2-114A.