ExCEL Field Trip 2020


Samantha Fitzjarrald


ExCEL Field Trip

Thank you all for your patience as we worked out the details of our ExCEL Field Trip that was cancelled due to COVID-19. At this time, we have rescheduled it for November of this fall semester. The trip will occur the day before their Thanksgiving Break. Obviously, this means that are senior class will not be attending with us (and I am heartbroken about it). However, seniors are eligible for refunds.  To apply for a refund, please email the attached form (at the bottom) to an email directly to our bookkeeper. Her email is Kelly-petite@pcsb.org.

At this time, we are only refunding our seniors as we had already bought the tickets and do not have the funds to refund everyone. Disney and the bussing company have graciously agreed to let us have the trip at a later date so we are making the best of an awful situation.

If you have a concern or an exception that you believe warrants a refund, please reach out to Mr. Green and I directly. We will look over the situation and give you a final answer.

We are so sorry that this is the best answer we can give everyone. We are doing the best we can to ensure all of our scholars still have an enjoyable trip while keeping their health and safety at the forefront.