What's Happening In Our Courses?

Samantha Fitzjarrald


What’s Happening In Our Science Courses?

This week in Chemistry Honors, the scholars are working on creating a poem based around COVID-19 and their current studies in Chemistry. We have seen some really amazing efforts so far that we wanted to share. Scroll to the bottom to see some of our favorite poems so far.

In Marine Science Honors, our scholars are going on a virtual scuba dive this week. Here is their current assignment in case you want to go on a dive yourself.

“This week you will use your knowledge of coral reefs and reef fish to explore a virtual dive site! “The XL Catlin Seaview Survey is creating a baseline record of the world’s coral reefs, in high-resolution 360-degree panoramic vision. It will enable change to be clearly monitored over time and will help scientists, policy makers and the public at large to see and understand the issues reefs are facing and work out what needs to be done to best protect coral reefs now and into the future.” Visit the website: http://catlinseaviewsurvey.com/.

At the top, click on “surveys.” Three tabs will appear on the left side. Click the bottom one that looks like a scuba diver. Scroll down to choose a virtual dive site to focus on. If you see a map appear, you can click a dive site that way as well. Once you’ve chosen a virtual dive site to explore, complete the attached sheet as you look around. Notice that there are multiple dive sites from that area across the top for you to explore as well. Use the curser to help you move up, down and all around to get the best view of the reef.”