Another positive message 🙂

I know, in our separate yet equally similar ways, we’re all enduring a trial of sorts. But rest assured humanity has grown from all the trials its encountered up until this point.

Through all manners of adversity, we survived, and we thrived.

It’s far from easy, whether we want to admit that or not. Change, in all circumstances, is hard. Surely there’s a small part in everyone that yearns for the small things in life which have once departed us; but as the sun sets in the evening, or flowers wilting in the winter, both return, at dawn and in spring, more fruitful and vibrant than ever before. May we cherish the beauty of life in its fragility.

Throughout this crisis, keep in mind the people who are picking up the pieces of a life once fragmented before our eyes. Know that they are putting it back together arranging a wondrous collage that depicts us in a new light, a new hope, and perhaps even a new history.

Thank not only these people, but thank yourselves.

Unwittingly, we have become those who must persevere; reflect on the courage with which we have all risen.

In these truly unique times I hope everyone is doing well. Rest assured beyond a storm there is light, in a galaxy of things yet to be seen. Let not we be troubled or discouraged by a momentary veil of gloom we can so well look past together.




By the way, here’s a great positivity video from Ethan to really feel inspired!