2020 ExCEL Awards Winners!

This year’s Awards Ceremony had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic across the nation. We firmly believe that our scholars still deserve to be recognized and wanted everyone to see our winners list. We hope this brings a smile to your face.

English Awards

English 1 Honors : Adrian Espindola - Velazco

English 2 Honors 9th : Maddox Johnson

English 2 Honors: Danishka Marrero

English 3 Honors : Victoria Keokhaw

AP English Literature : Cassidy Gruver

Math Awards

Algebra 1 : Catalina Dinamarca

Algebra 2 Honors : Liana (Uyen) Pham

Geometry : Madisyn Notz

Geometry Honors : Dayanara Gallardo- Castro

AP Calculus : Coral Hooper

Science Awards

Biology Honors 9th : Gabriela Millan

Biology Honors 11th : Zoe Dunn

Chemistry Honors : Gabby Doherty

Marine Science Honors : Zane Clark

AP Environmental Science : Summer Gallagher

Social Studies Awards

US Government Honors : Cassandra Bernard

US Government Honors : Hadley Hiles

World History Honors : Lucas Figueroa

AP World History : Angelique Tsounis

US History Honors : Nick Reyzin

DE US History: Brandon Dreslin

Economics Honors : Blagovesta Yaneva

AP Human Geography : Martin Stavro

AP Capstone Awards

AP Capstone Seminar: Sarai Faulkner

AP Capstone Research: Cassandra Bernard

Service Awards

Service awards are given to scholars who go above and beyond to help the ExCEL Magnet program by participating in recruitment events, mentoring, shadowing, etc.

Jessica DeRemer

Martin Stavro

Charlotte Perez

Nick Nika

Diana Giordano

Jennifer Lesher

Charlie Rawe

Riley Rawe

Connor Ewing

Riley Ewing

Lexi McClendon

Kaaliyah McGaughy

AVID Awards

Avid 1: Marina Moyer

Avid 2: Nelay Sharma

Avid 3: Samantha Dearing

Avid 4: Chris Pesch

Academic Scholarship Awards

The Academic Scholarship award is given to the scholar in each grade level who shows the most well-rounded year in his or her academic courses. This person would have excelled in the classroom no matter what type of course it was. This scholar is typically in the running for every award given, which makes them eligible for the overall scholarship award.

Freshman: Nicholas Lucindo

Sophomore: Ashley Woodyard

Junior: Charlotte Perez

Senior: Josh Mott

Zeldie Winners

The Zeldie is an award given every year for the senior scholars who best represent the meaning of the program. It is named after our former school counselor who gave everything to this program and loved every single scholar that walked through the halls of Largo High School.

Martin Stavro

Jessica DeRemer

Congratulations to all of our scholars and all of this year's winners. We are so proud of everything you have accomplished.