Graduate Cap & Gown Pick-Up Day

Samantha Fitzjarrald


Saturday, May 16, 2020

8 a.m. – 12 p.m. at Largo High

Important Information for the day:

Step 1 – Graduating scholars only will be allowed to pick up the following items at Largo High: cap & gown, yearbooks (no more yearbooks are available for purchase) and chords & stoles for NHS, ExCEL & IB.

  • For ExCEL, we will have your stole, medallion, and time capsules available and waiting for you. You MUST pay $41 online before that day or $41 in cash that specific day to receive your stole and medallion.
  • If you have a friend who was previously in ExCEL but isn’t any longer, they can also pick up their time capsules that day. We will have them all available.

Step 2 – Scholars picking up items must remain in their cars.  You will drive through the front of LHS where the parent drop-off is; caps & gowns will be brought to your car. To maintain good flow of traffic we are offering pick up alphabetically by last name each hour.

Pick-up schedule:

8:00 a – 9:00 a: A – H

9:00 a – 10:00 a: I – P

10:00 – 11:00 a: Q – T

11:00 a – 12:00 p: Remaining scholars that have not picked up their items.

Those scholars that need to pick up yearbooks or stoles or chords will drive over to the parking lot by the school auditorium.

At the bottom of this page is a map with the destination points: the yellow line and x is where caps & gowns will be picked up, the lime green line and x is where to go after picking up your cap & gown for yearbooks or chords & stoles and the bright orange lines and x’s are exit points.  Please be sure to make arrangements to
get your items that day as this will be the only time we are able to hand out
these items.

  • If you pre-purchased a yearbook, please bring confirmation of your payment (hard-copy receipt or screenshot of your online payment) to the location of the “Yearbook and/or Senior Panoramic Pick-up” area in the large parking lot loop. At this time, yearbooks are sold out. If you would like to purchase a Yearbook, we will add your name to our waitlist. If there are any available copies, we will contact. If you purchased a Senior Panoramic photo, we will also disperse those to each student at the Yearbook location.
  • In preparation for an upcoming slideshow showcasing the Class of 2020, we are looking for your most memorable moments captured via photo! Please send your favorite, school appropriate photos to

Step 3 – Only scholars that have paid their graduate fees are able to pick up their cap & gown.  Pay online via prior to May 16th to ensure you will have a cap & gown available.  Please bring a copy of your grad fees receipt if you have it. Questions regarding cap and gown forms please contact John McLay at

Step 4 – Show some Packer Pride!  Decorate your car representing the Class of 2020 and your hard work throughout your time in high school.  Let’s make the pick-up as spirited as possible!